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Uptime Institute tərəfindən keçirilən seminar


Uptime Institute is an American professional services organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications. It is best known for its widely adopted "Tier Standard" and the associated certification of data center compliance with the standard.

Founded in 1993 by Kenneth G. Brill, the Uptime Institute was founded as an industry proponent to help owners and operators quantify and qualify their ability to provide a predictable level of performance from data centers, regardless of the status of external factors, such as power utilities. In 2009, the Uptime Institute was acquired by The 451 Group .[2]

Since then, the Seattle-based Uptime Institute has been an independent division of The 451 Group[3] (which is headquartered in New York) with worldwide offices in locations including San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Boston, Seattle, Denver, São Paulo, Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore.

The 451 Group also owns 451 Research, a technology-industry syndicated research and data firm.

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