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AZEL Systems was established in 2013 and is the leading IT company in Azerbaijan.


The company operates in most segments of the IT market:


  • Implementation of ERP, CAD and CRM systems, production planning and management systems, technical maintenance management systems 

  • IT solutions for engineering

  • Information security and protection against DDoS attacks

  • Computer and telecommunication equipment supply

  • Systems integration and infrastructure solutions

  • IT consulting

  • Automation of management processes

  • Software development and and implementation of self-developed software solutions

  • IT outsourcing

  • Management consulting


AZEL Systems combines the expertise of the industry leaders which have the best experience in the IT market. This has allowed the company to create unique proposals based on high-level competence and expertise which in turn is based on the high professionalism of specialists in different IT sectors. Also we have significant experience in MS Dynamics 365 supply, customization and implementation.


AZEL Systems clients have only one "entry point" which guarantees them a 100% awareness and maximum control even during very complex projects.


AZEL Systems strategy is based on further developing and constantly confirming its leadership in key segments of the IT market; in building up its competence and expertise for strengthening the credibility of AZEL Systems as an effective, multi disciplined IT structure. 


We are trusted by:


  • Public sector organizations

  • Leading oil companies in Azerbaijan

  • Main engineering and construction companies in Azerbaijan

  • State Design Institutes

  • Banks

  • Mobile operators

  • Largest factories and plants in Azerbaijan

  • High-tech software manufacturers


We value our reputation as a company that has a responsible approach to its work.



AZEL Systems
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