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Azerbaijan International BIM Conference 2020

An international conference on Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies has been held at the JW Marriott Hotel Absheron in Baku. AUTODESK (USA) and AZEL Systems (Azerbaijan) companies organized the event.

The main aim of the conference was to analyze the existing problems in construction sector and their possible solutions in with the help of the latest “Autodesk” technologies, which improve the quality and effectiveness of the design work. The conference also focused on the “Autodesk” solutions for the construction of civil and industrial facilities.

In his opening remarks, Advisor to the Chairman of the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture Aydin Karimov spoke about the importance of implementing new technologies in the construction sector and stressed the significance of the BIM technologies. He expressed hope that this event will help in further study of BIM technologies in Azerbaijan.

Rector of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, professor Gulchohra Mammadova also noted the importance of the event. She spoke about the success University achieved in implementing and teaching the latest technologies for construction. In particular, she noted that in 2019 “Tekla Trimble” through “AZEL Systems” passed 46 Tekla software licenses to the University free of charge for educational purposes. The rector said that University is ready to further develop relations with “Autodesk” and “AZEL Systems”.

Next head of “AZEL Systems” Igor Yakovenko spoke about the company he represents. He noted that company which was founded in 2013 is working on the integration of advanced technologies. AZEL Systems is the only gold partner of “Autodesk” in Azerbaijan and is also a partner of companies such as “Samsung”, “Trimble Tekla”, “Dell” and others.

Igor Yakovenko noted that Azerbaijani companies have achieved significant success in the development and implementation of new technologies. For example, “Azfen” company using “Autodesk” technology has implemented important projects that won international recognition.

Yakovenko also spoke about the importance of using only licensed “Autodesk” software because only licensed software guarantees the stability and speed of the designing process.

Next Regional Manager of “Autodesk” for six countries including Azerbaijan Gennadiy Molodetskiy made a presentation on the topic “BIM technologies are unstoppable”.

In his speech Molodetskiy spoke about the global trends in BIM technologies and about the implementation of these technologies in USA, Great Britain and other CIS countries. He stressed that strong growth of Azerbaijan allows the country to also successfully implement such technology. “BIM technologies are the future of construction” – summarized Molodetskiy.

Molodetskiy presented awards to the participants in the presence of Aydin Karimov and professor Gulchohra Mammadova. First, the representative of “Azfen” received a certificate for his company’s achievements in implementing “Autodesk” technology in 2019. Next, the president of “AZEL Systems” Igor Yakovenko was presented the official gold partner certificate of “Autodesk”.

Following a short break conference continued with a deeper discussion of the BIM technologies. In particular, “Autodesk” technical experts spoke about the use of such technologies in the construction of metro in China and Belarus, data center of “Facebook” company in the USA, Universities in Australia and residential building in the USA. Additionally, it was noted that with the help of BIM technologies architects and engineers located in the different parts of the planet can effectively cooperate and work on the same project. The conference participants listened to these presentations with great interest and expressed hope that similar events can be held more often in future.

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