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Baku hosts conference on experience of implementation of BIM technologies in CIS countries

A conference on the experience of implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies in CIS countries has been held at “Fairmont” hotel in Baku. The conference was organized by the “AZEL Systems” company. World leader in the development of the solutions for optimization and digitalization of the design and construction processes “Autodesk” company (USA) was the partner of the conference.

Opening the event General Director of “AZEL Systems” company Igor Yakovenko informed the participants that the company was established in 2013 and since then has become one of the leading systems integrators in the area of digitalization and implementation of automatization of design and construction in the Caucasus region. He also noted that for the past 2 years “AZEL Systems” has been the only Gold Partner of “Autodesk” in Azerbaijan. In the end of his speech Igor Yakovenko stressed the importance of using only licensed “Autodesk” software for implementation of BIM technologies. Only licensed software removes the risks of model destruction during design and helps speed up the construction and cost cutting processes.

Next the Regional Manager of “Autodesk” for CIS countries Gennady Molodetsky made a presentation on the topic “BIM is Unstoppable”. In his presentation he focused on the experience of the implementation of BIM technologies in countries such as Ukraine, Turkey, UAE in the different stages of civil and industrial design and construction. Molodetsky noted that Azerbaijan also has a very good base for beginning the process of BIM technologies implementation. In particular, the successful use of “Autodesk” technology by number of Azerbaijani companies was discussed.

The representatives of different design and construction companies from Ukraine – Aleksandr Kanivets, Roman Makarov, Aleksey Sokolovsky also spoke in the conference. They discussed their experience of implementing and using BIM and the major benefits of such technologies.

Representatives from organizations such as the Ministry of Economy, Committee on City Building and Architecture, Ministry of Emergency Situations, “Azfen”, “Sumgait Technologies Park (STP)”, “Tecnimont” and others expressed hope that similar events can be held annually.

In the end of the conference a panel discussion was held with the participation of Igor Yakovenko, Gennady Molodetsky and other guests. They discussed the wide range of questions and agreed that implementation of innovative solutions such as BIM technologies is an important goal for Azerbaijan and that this process should be done only with the use of licensed software. After the end of the conference a dinner was held.


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